General Information and Rules

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General Information and Rules

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General Information:

Sienar Conglomerate
President - Bart Roberts
Vice President - Thylar Davarian
Cabinet Members
Grand Marshal - Axe Vulcan
Secretary of State - Jaydon TaVolarian

Sienar Technologies contacts:
Chief Executive Officer - Drey Exodus
Chief Operations Operations - Jaydon TaVolarian
Sales Director - Jaydon TaVolarian

Sienar Extractions contacts:
Chief Executive Officer - Jarkath Solaris
Chief Operations Operations - Tessa Kay

Sienar Pharmaceuticals contacts:
Chief Executive Officer - X`ja Django
Chief Operations Operations - Ao Kishuba

Sienar Fleet Systems
Chief Executive Officer - William Colonel
Chief Operations Officer - Verlius Fenuti


- Sign up with your SWC handle - if you prefer not to, send a DM to Bart Roberts stating your registered username.
- Orders are to be placed through our web site Sienar Conglomerate or in the Orders Section.
- Diplomatic Inquiries are to be made in the Diplomatic Section - if you want a "silent" agreement, contact Secretary of State Jaydon TaVolarian directly.
- No flaming or profanity allowed!
- Use common courtsey - and internet ettiquette! ie; NO Pr0n, abusive material, racist content etc etc! If you post anything like it, you'll be banned!